D&B Approach

A skilled team enables Waystone to secure appropriate planning consents, consolidate land holdings, reclaim and clean up sites, procure or execute infrastructure work, service sites and construct on a design and build basis for end-use customers. Waystone also works with other developers to facilitate large investment projects and developments.

The basic sequence of work managed by Waystone Limited under a lump sum turn key design and build contract is set out as follows:-

  • Briefing or Employers Requirements by Client.
  • Preparation of Contractor’s proposals.
  • Acceptance of proposals and award.
  • Legal Documentation.
  • Application for detailed planning consent.
  • Grant of planning consent.
  • Submit Building control application.
  • Construct Building ( note some work can proceed ahead of building regulations approval )
  • Hand over building

All consultants are required to provide Warranties-supported by Professional Indemnity insurance and Waystone Limited also carries P.I. Insurance and provides a warranty.

The site building team under its project manager executes the project with client consultation on a regular basis at every stage of the development. Waystone’s commitment to the completion of a quality building on site is paramount during the whole process.